Etsy Shop Update: New Listings

I haven't listed things on my Etsy Shop as regularly this past month, so the last week and a half, I've been trying to catch up!  Currently there are 30 listings in my shop.  My goal for this year is to get that number up to 100!  Here are 5 listings toward that goal:   The … Continue reading Etsy Shop Update: New Listings


Healthy Bean Dip Recipe

Traditional Bean Dip with some surprising healthy add-ins!  Years ago, I modified the “Sneaky Chef’s” Bean dip recipe to use whatever we had on hand.  Since then, I’ve added a wide variety of spices, (including Turmeric and Black Pepper to aid absorption and digestion), and health- boosting Apple Cider Vinegar to the bland canvas of … Continue reading Healthy Bean Dip Recipe

The Peale Family: A Picture of Working Together

This post contains Affiliate Links. ("The Peale Family" by Charles Willson Peale, Painted 1773-1809) One of my favorite depictions of family life is “The Peale Family” painted by Charles Willson Peale over the course of his career.  Originally trained as a saddle-maker, Peale decided to learn painting after seeing some poorly done landscape paintings for … Continue reading The Peale Family: A Picture of Working Together

5 Unique, Must Have, Kitchen Gadgets

This post contains Affiliate Links. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vollrath Multi-sized Scoops We use these wonderful scoops on an almost daily basis!  The 1 1/3 oz is perfect for standard Muffins and Cupcakes, the 3/4 oz is ideal for cookies such as Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter, and our large, unmarked one is used for everything from Ice … Continue reading 5 Unique, Must Have, Kitchen Gadgets

Etsy Shop Behind-the-Scenes: Dangle Earrings

I love delicate sparkly things!  That is largely why I love designing earrings- they’re little, fast, and age doth not wither their infinite variety! It starts with a headpin pinched between two fingers... The adding and subtracting of beads held up to and under various lights... A final choice... The trimming and twisting of metal … Continue reading Etsy Shop Behind-the-Scenes: Dangle Earrings


Welcome to LitArtary Home! Here I'll be giving my take on life as a Christian, Daughter, Sister, Etsy Shop Owner, Aspiring Herbalist, Bibliophile, and Country Girl! Peeps at the creative process behind my shop; herb and essential oil profiles and ideas; recipes, book reviews, recommended resources, and more are what I am looking forward to … Continue reading Hello!