I am:

A Child of God, Daughter at Home, Older Sister to 2 Brothers, Shop Owner, Lover of Books, Antiques, and Lace, Herb and Essential Oil Enthusiast, Maker of Kitchen Concoctions, Crafter, Gardener, Calvinist, DIY’er, Conservative, Writer, Tea Drinker.

I am NOT:

A Doctor, Lawyer, Universal Expert in any or all Fields of Knowledge, Infallible, Cutting Edge, or the Perfect Representative of any other Person, Organization, or Business in my life.

As Such:

The content of this blog is a reflection of my personal interests and passions.  Because I’m not perfect, it may be out-dated or inaccurate. I try to do no harm and wish to only link to family-friendly sites. If, however, you spot an error in either content or links, please give me a heads up!  Any advice given is not guaranteed in any way and if you choose to follow it you do so at your own risk. (Just ask my brothers!) Please use Common Sense and Do Your Own Research into what is best for you!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Tiffany C.