Home Economics: The Ball Blue Book

  One of my favorite things about fall is canning!  There are few things more satisfying than hearing the "click" and "pop" of mason jar lids sealing up as they cool, and, of course, nothing beats the flavor or smell of opening a jar of tomato sauce made with the tomatoes and green peppers you … Continue reading Home Economics: The Ball Blue Book


Kitchen Creations: DIY Petroleum Free Deodorant Cream

I crafted this deodorant recipe several years ago as an affordable alternative to store-bought or petroleum jelly based deodorants.  Unlike some of the other recipes I've tried, it does not liquefy in the Summer heat or become hard as a rock in the Winter! DIY Deodorant Cream Combine in a small saucepan over very low … Continue reading Kitchen Creations: DIY Petroleum Free Deodorant Cream

Natural Goodness: Cinnamon

Ahh... Cinnamon!  Nothing says "Fall" like the smell of anything+ Cinnamon circulating through the house!  In addition to pairing well with things like pumpkin and banana, it also adds an unexpected surprise to things like blueberries and chili! But smelling and tasting awesome is not Cinnamon's only superpower.  It also fights bacteria, improves circulation, and … Continue reading Natural Goodness: Cinnamon